Social Media Marketing accounts for 79% of online selling in India.


Social media has evolved over years, from being a networking medium to the most sought after marketplace. With the ever increasing consumption of social media, these platforms are the lucrative source for generating business. India accounts for almost 60% of social media consumption in the world, with almost 250 million users and an average time spent by them online. This trend has emerged social media as a highly potent market place.

As per the recent survey by an online payment service, it is revealed that the social media accounts for maximum sales. According to the report, Approximate 89% of Facebook, 46% of Instagram are the most viable social media networks to grow any business. In a country with 64% of YouTube consumption, 61% of Twitter, 50% of Google and ~35% of Linkedin consumption, presenting a business on digital platform exponentially helps a brand to reach their target audience and and establish themselves in the market.

Social media is proven as a viable business platform, when used in a strategic manner to communicate the brand story and tap the right consumer base. Almost 79% of e-commerce merchants are tapping the power of social commerce to access a large consumer base present on the social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin & Google. Platforms like Facebook & Instagram are emerging as the most preferred social destination for the brands seeking potential customer-base,  whereas platforms such as Linkedin and twitter are common for B2B marketing of the businesses.

With the internet penetration rates growing to over 68%, growth of social commerce is also attracting entrepreneurs and start-up owners to tap the market through digital platforms. Rightfully promoting a brand on digital media through social media marketing attributes growth of the business to low overhead costs of social commerce. Higher reach through social media optimization further helps brands to attract wider audience base as compared to any other traditional form of marketing.

In India, where every third social media user buys or sells online, planned digital media marketing can help one to connect with the large consumer base.

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