Decoding the formula to drive Sales using Social Media in 2019

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Social Media has revolutionized the medium of advertising. It is now a major source of news, information and influence. And, there's no going back. The burgeoning consumption of social media has flooded the channels with content that it a new brand may remain unnoticed. Hence, substantial brand planning and strategies are the essentials for driving sales through social media.
We have connected the dots and analyzed the trends to learn and understand the best direction to focus for generating more leads for businesses using various social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Blogsopt, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat and TikTok, Filmywap each has it's own potential which when leveraged strategically can deliver great results.
90% of marketers noticed an increased exposure using social media and 75% of them admitted that their website traffic and potential. Even the total money spent on advertisements on Social Media is almost getting doubled each year (studying the pattern since 2014).
Interesting Insight: People aged 50 & above are more like to engage with brands online. (Old is gold, Hence Proved)

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Facebook Stats:
Facebook videos that are mobile optimized increase brand awareness by up to 67%
Approx 1.3 million posts (comprised of text, image or video) are shared every minute of every day on Facebook.
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Tips for Facebook Marketing:
Focus on mobile optimized content and experiment with vertical videos optimized for mobile devices to give provide your user a seamless experience.
Make your content share-worthy. 

Instagram Stats:
Instagram is the 2nd most commonly used social media platform by the brands and consumers likely.
60% of users learn about new products through instagram feeds.
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Tips for handling Instagram:
Use relevant hashtags with your posts which help increasing the engagement by upto 12%.

Instagram is the best avenue for influencer marketing strategies. Go collaborate.


Twitter Stats:
Tweets with images can receive 150% more (Yes, 150% higher RTs) retweets than ones without.

The majority of Twitter users are between 25-to-34 years old. The second largest age group is 35-44 year olds.

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Tips for Twitter Management:
Tweet sensibly and responsibly. There's a huge pool of mature audience which you can connect or disconnect in a single click.
80% twitter users are on mobile, hence post optimized content for great response.
Linkedin Stats:
94% B2B Marketers use Linkedin to share content. 79% believe it as a good platform to generate leads.
CEO's have an average of 930 connections on their linked in profiles.
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Tips for Linkedin optimization:
Make sure you create a professional head-shot picture as your profile picture for better recognition.
Participate and share your knowledge in relevant groups and topics.
YouTube Stats:

YouTube is the number one streaming service for music videos worldwide.

YouTube is available in 76 different languages, which covers 95% of the internet population.
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Tips for YouTube Trending:
Use good descriptions for your videos as most of the people use Youtube as their prime source of new learning.
Do not use copyrighted music or content on your YouTube channel.
Snapchat Stats:
64% of marketers have a Snapchat account.

Snapchat is the most important platform among teenagers.

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Tips for Snapchat marketing:
Maintain good streak with your daily follwers to keep your account active.
Make your content as interactive as possible, which must leave a good impression on the users.
Drive Sales using Social Media
These social media stats make it clear that a strategically planned and performance driven social media marketing campaigns can help you generate more engagement and sales online.
Make sure you create high impact social media campaigns to establish a strong foot against your competitors on social media. Get your marketing strategies and social media communication planned by our team of experts. Contact Us.


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