5 traits of an ideal Social Media Marketer

Characteristics of an ideal Social Media Marketer

We, at Social Sanskaari, are still debating if an ideal social media marketer is born or make. But, we have co-incidentally got some points in common that we are listing for you.

Apart from being a great story teller, a passionate channel junkie, trend-setter, ad-word expert etc, there’s more to the role. Here are a few traits that every social media marketer must acquire, (if not have by birth), to sustain in dynamic business environment.

1. Creative thinkers

Boring doesn’t work on social media. You have to be really smart & quirky when online. From writing high-wit copies to designing awe-inspiring graphics, you must possess the creative instincts on every topic that may happen in the entire digital universe.

2. Language Adaption 

No matter how much you use curse words in a single sentence. But, mind your language when reverting to an agitated review/comment on behalf of the client. Adapt the brand tone and write the language that your audience would love. Caution: Beware my friend! There are a lot of Grammar Nazis out there. Don’t forget to run a spell check before posting anything.

3. Masters of the game.

Before you sharpen your axe, get your goals clear and get the game plan in hand. Start with a well thought strategy and utilize the available resources to the best of their capabilities. Play around to find the best solution to address any challenge.

4. Inherit 007 tricks

Handling a brand’s identity on social media is no less than a James Bond’s mission. You need to keep an eye on your competitors and another on the campaign response. Analyzing the both, you would have to play the master card to grab all the attention on social media. 


5. Statistical Prowess

Go beyond the lines charts, compare the stats, analyse the metrics, polish your action plan and work to go a step further. Compete yourself and set new records each time. At Social Sanskaari, reporting is done in comparative format to keep a check on the progress.

Social Media Marketing has evolved as a complex, multi-faceted role that operates to help a business achieve its highest-level goals. It isn’t a job that functions independently. In-fact, it is now considered as an important marketing vertical that requires sharp focus and creative insights and some extra-ordinary strategies to instill a brand into the digital space.
The team at Social Sanskaari, is imbibed with the characteristics that makes it one of the most efficient team for digital marketing of your brand. Start your social media marketing and plan a digital campaign with Social Sanskaari today. Write now!

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